• Through the commitment of the High Direction and its collaborators, the Vitória Hotel Concept Campinas seeks:
  • Create, market and serve quality products;
  • Meet the principles of Sustainable Tourism in the business, events and leisure segment;
  • Provide well-being to customers, employees and communities of the Metropolitan Region of Campinas;
  • Develop and encourage socio-cultural, environmental and economic actions with sustainable innovation;
  • Respect the processes, laws and regulations that apply and always work to
    maintain sustainability;
  • Accompany the continuous improvement of the sustainability management system.

Community Actions

  1. Campaign for collection of clothes, food and hygiene products;
  2. Old-age outdoor gym;
  3. Support to educational institutions, promoting technical visits;
  4. Financial donation to Boldrini and Apae;
  5. Beneficent Dinners;

Sustainability Actions

  • Sensors of presence in the corridors;
  • Power control switch in HH’s;
  • Use of natural gas;
  • Broadband and wireless Internet access;
  • Use of biodegradable cleaning products;
  • Use of biodegradable amenities;
  • Segregation of recyclable materials encouraging the work of cooperatives in the region;
  • Optimization of natural lighting;
  • Timed faucets in common areas;
  • Aerators that reduce water consumption;
  • Transport and proper disposal of hazardous waste;
  • Use of water-based refrigerant in cold rooms;
  • New New Program of preventive maintenance of waste and expenses;
  • Certification and development program for suppliers with sustainable practices;

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